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About O&M Best Practices
The O&M Best Practices serve as good reference but neither as contract requirements nor as code of practices under relevant ordinances / regulations to the E&M trade practitioners, and shall be reviewed and updated with trade industry on need basis in particular on exchanging and updating new practical innovative and technology initiatives applied in O&M activities.
To strengthen the engagement with the E&M trade and public on best practices, an e-booklet platform launched in this EMSD Website, aiming to include the following features.
Digitalize e-Booklets with intelligent navigation functions
Promote on-line case sharing of best practices & innovation with video clips
Maintain continuous knowledge exchanges of best practices with useful procedures, forms or checklists
Showcase relevant I&T innovation solutions on suitable best practices
This e-Booklet is a platform mainly for the E&M trade on knowledge exchange and collection of valuable suggestions/feedbacks on contents of the best practices from time to time.

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