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1. Introduction
1.1. About This Handbook
1.2. Target Audience
1.3. Related Ordinances, Regulations and Guidelines
2. Design Considerations
2.1. General
2.2. Solar Collectors
2.3. Heat Transfer Fluid
2.4. Thermal Storage Tanks
2.5. Circulation Pumps for Heat Transfer Fluid
2.6. Heat Exchangers
2.7. Expansion Tanks
2.8. Ancillary Equipment
2.9. Application of Technology
3. Operation and Maintenance
3.1. Factors Affecting System Performance
3.2. Operation Procedures
3.3. Emergency Preparedness
3.4. Preventive Maintenance
3.5. Corrective Maintenance
3.6. Spare Parts Management
3.7. Safety and Environmental Management
3.8. Structure and Qualifications of O&M Teams
4. Record/Documentation
4.1. Asset Information
4.2. Maintenance Record Management
4.3. Information Management
4.4. Stakeholders Management
5. Appendix A:Sample Checklist for Inspection and Testing of Solar Water Heating Systems
5. Appendix A:Sample Checklist for Inspection and Testing of Solar Water Heating Systems
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1.1 About This Handbook

This Handbook recommends the best system design and operational practices in principle for solar water heating systems.
This Handbook covers “General Practice” and “Best Practice” associated with solar water heating system installation and maintenance. “General Practice” refers to general requirements in fulfilling statutory requirements and guidelines as well as aligning common practices in the trade. Whilst “Best Practice” helps to further enhance the safety and system performance of the solar water heating system installations by considering exemplary practices and innovative technologies identified at the time of preparation and revision of this Handbook.

1.2 Target Audience

The target audience of this Handbook includes solar water heating system owners, solar water heating operators, solar water heating maintenance contractors, property management managers and engineering staff.

1.3 Related Ordinances, Regulations and Guidelines

The requirements for the installation, operation and maintenance of the solar water heating system are given in the undernoted ordinances, regulations and codes of practice, etc. Readers may refer to the following documents for further information:
Waterworks Ordinance (Cap. 102)
Waterworks Regulations (Cap. 102A)
Electricity Ordinance (Cap. 406)
Code of Practice for Prevention of Legionnaires’ Disease, by the Prevention of Legionnaires’ Disease Committee, the Government
Code of Practice for the Electricity (Wiring) Regulations (CoP), issued by the EMSD of the Government
Guidance Notes for Household-scale Solar Water Heating Systems at Village Houses, issued by the EMSD of the Government
Building New Territories Exempted Houses, Lands Department of the Government
Buildings Ordinance (Cap. 123)
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