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HVAC Installations
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1. Introduction
1.1. About This Best Practice Booklet
1.2. Target Audience
1.3. How to Use This Best Practice Booklet
1.4. Stakeholder Responsibilities
2. Key Model Framework
2.1. O&M Input on Design for New Building
2.2. Asset Information (Documentation)
2.3. Operation Procedures
2.4. Emergency Preparedness
2.5. Preventive Maintenance Procedures / Standards
2.6. Corrective Maintenance
2.7. Maintenance Record Management
2.8. Spare Parts Management
2.9. Addition, Alteration and Replacement (Planning and Implementation)
2.10. Incident Management
2.11. Environmental and Safety Management
2.12. Application of Technologies
2.13. Stakeholder Management
2.14. Information Management
2.15. Structure and Qualification of O&M Team
3. Innovative & Technology Initiatives
3.1. Technology Trend 1: CAFM Software
3.2. Technology Trend 2: Building Information Modelling (BIM)
3.3. Technology Trend 3: Internet of Things (IoT)
3.4. Technology Trend 4: Drones
3.5. Technology Trend 5: Artificial Intelligence (AI)
3.6. Technologies Initiatives
4. Industry Standards and Requirements
4.1. Guidance Notes and Codes of Practice
4.2. International Standards
5. Useful Forms/ Check List - Samples
5.1. Recommended Minimum Monitoring Frequency for Different Water Quality Parameters for Cooling Tower System
5.2. Recommended Routine Inspection Checklist for Cooling Tower System
5.3. Recommended Routine and Preventive Maintenance Checklist for Cooling Tower System
5.4. Recommended List of Personal Protective Equipment
5.5. Operation and Maintenance Records for Cooling Tower System
5.6. Sample Independent Audit Report for Cooling Tower System
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